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What You Should Know About First Time Home Buyers Grants in Queensland


If at all you want to know a bit more about this real estate grants then this article is for you. The following are some useful things that you need to know.

First time home buyers grant is only for Australian citizens. Therefore if at all you are a resident of Australia or are there on a work visa, you may not be eligible for the same; however, Australian citizens can take full advantage of this.


If you have ever owned property in real estate you may not qualify for a grant of this nature. Also, the home that you buy should not be more than $750,000if you are buying a new home. If you are building a home the land plus the home should be less than $750,000. Note that the home you buy should be brand new.

It goes without saying that you have to be over an adult before you can apply for this ground.


Once you buy the home you have to move into that home within the first year after completing the transaction. You have to then leave in it for six continuous months before you can move out to another place. Also, the home that you get should be your primary home. You cannot leave it and go leave somewhere else.

Take note that the grant is not just given any first time home buyer from https://www.huntergalloway.com.au/first-home-owners-grant-qld/; you will only get the grant if you apply for it. Therefore if at all you wish to get the first time home buyer grant then you have to apply for it.


It is essential to know that for you to get a first home owners grant qld, you have to be eligible for it. therefore, make sure you go through their eligibility policy so that you know if you are eligible or not before applying only to end up disappointed. The eligibility varies from state to state therefore familiarise with the policies in the state or region you are in.


The grant is not always a fixed an amount. At times they may give a window with which the applicants who apply in that period will get a certain amount that is more than what they usually give. It is thus wise to keep your ears on the ground so that you know when there is a promotion that will enable you to get more money than you would at other times. Read more about grants at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/grants.